The Most Popular Celebrity Long Hair with Bangs Style

The Most Popular Celebrity Long Hair with Bangs Style
The Most Popular Celebrity Long Hair with Bangs Style

Long hair with side bangs can easily change your overall appearance. Long hair with bangs is not only accentuating your features, but they also help in softening your display.

The majority of celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Garner who love this hairstyle. It is always advisable to know the shape of your face before taking this style to achieve the look you want.

Some of the Most Popular Celebrity Long Hair with Bangs Style

Side Swept Bangs

You can improve your appearance by keeping your fringe is slightly asymmetrical that can be more easily driven into the side of your forehead. This long hair with bangs style can also balance your facial features with flamboyance.

Classic Bangs

Classic bangs are the style that considered the most flattering hairdo for any type of face. You can easily adjust the length of your hair according to the shape of the face. Classic bangs look very young and fresh.

Layered Bangs

You can easily make this hairdo with shorter layers are added at the top of the layers again. It is recommended to use good quality hair products to keep your hair.

The Sassy Shag

This is one of the most preferred hairdos for men with long hair with side bangs because it brings the look of well-defined and more complete for the face. It accentuates features and also reduces the width of the head.

The Cheeky Pixie hair Style

This is the most happening hairstyles for long hair. With the name of your hips, you can have an idea of how your views may change after getting it done.

This hairdo is perfect for curly hair. This style highlights the cheekbones and the eye area. Side bangs to reveal the head section front and very helpful to slimming down your face.


You might be thinking what’s so new about this hairstyle? This is the old style but had not considered the most fashionable and acceptable hairstyles in women.

This hairdo can give you a stylish look of ultra and can change your appearance completely. The balance must be preserved to make this hairstyle looks the best among all other hairstyles for long hair with side bangs.

Hairstyles with side bangs look cool and classy with people who have a round and oval face cut. If you have a broad forehead then this hairdo is a must for you.

Tips to Cut Long Hair with Side Bangs

Side bangs which are touted to become the most desired hairdo. You can easily cut your bangs to the side right now from the comfort of home. It is always advisable to wash your hair before cutting.

You have to take a small section of your bangs and then started to dry out the roots with a blow dryer. Gradually, you can aim the dryer above.

You should have to use a flat brush to sweep them aside. In order to find out the most fun long hair with bangs haircut for your face, you should seek the advice of a hair salon or hair makeover live online. It is always helpful to know your face shape before taking any hairstyle.